Sam and Pancake

A2 soft pastel on paper Private coll

Lucky, golden spaniel

oil pastel on 60 x 60 cm canvas and wide wood frame

Sula and her portrait

Arthur English Bull Dog and his portrait

Lady and Lilly's Birthday Card

Lady is a Jack Russell Yorkie cross

Topsy and her portrait

Topsy's owner won the raffle and auction held by Love All cafe and Tennis in the Park.

Mlle Belle and Belle

60cm x 60cm acrylic on canvas Mlle Belle lives in Lausanne, Switzerland

Pixie and her portrait

Betty and her portrait

Betty was resued by and lives with Karen Hauer and her two doggie companions Marley and Phoebe

Bruce being admired by Mika

Bruce has yet to pose infront of his portrait but Mika is very interested in it.

Sam and Kitty and the Koi Carp

oil on canvas 60cm x 60cm Private coll

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